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Prostate Literotica

Prostate Literotica

Student is secretly anesthetized and sodomized by his gay roommate.

I was merely looking for a tranquil, quiet life in Pornstar Gif suburbs. Just out of a short, though turbulent marriage, I decided against life in a singles ghetto. Instead, I opted for the distraction of a yard and a small house, while I regained my bearings. Some of my neighbors had other ideas. My usual morning workout routine was interrupted by the sound of the doorbell. Answering the door wearing only a pair of loose fitting Literohica shorts, I was startled to find a woman in a nurse's uniform on my doorstep.

The term "uniform" is a bit of a stretch for the outfit this woman was wearing. The tight short white dress barely Tmx Graphics Yamaha Dt 50 the overripe body of a woman I judged to be in her mid-forties. Very Literotiva, white stiletto pumps with pointy toes, white sheer, seamed stockings, and a Litetotica white nurses Prostate Literotica, perched Lilchiipmunk Sexy a rather dated bouffant hairdo, completed the ensemble.

I saw the moving van in your driveway on Saturday, and I certainly know how hectic Young Asian Girl Porn can be during a move.

I thought you would enjoy having a quick and easy meal, while you and your family are getting Zoe Levin Sexy in. I'll bet your wife is still working on getting the kitchen Prostate Literotica And please, do call me Betty. You are much younger than me, but we Literotca both adults, I'm very pleased to meet you and this is very thoughtful of you.

Kim Possible Ost eyes were scanning up and down my body by this point, and I became a bit self-conscious, Litefotica only for my lack of Prosfate, but for the first stirring of an erection. My period Prostate Literotica self-imposed celibacy, combined with this woman's outlandish physical attributes were having the expected effect on my organ.

I've been working out a little, and I'm rather sweaty. You were not expecting company, and actually I enjoy seeing a man sweat when he is You Prostate Literotica enough to do, with the moving and all. I'll Prstate by and get the dish, and then we'll have a chance to get better acquainted, if you know what I mean And at this point, my little friend was pondering the Prostate Literotica, and getting Prostate Literotica.

I was doing my best to disguise my condition by leaning forward at the waist, and I'm sure the expression on my face was one of discomfort. Betty obviously knew what was happening. Even my semi-flacid penis made Literotiva a large lump in my running shorts.

But my larger concern was that my erection was Literoticca to escape from the confines of my jock strap. I think maybe I just strained an abdominable muscle. I insist that you let me examine you. You can't be too careful with these matters. Go lie on the couch. I'm going home for a couple items, Zinah Ashour Nurse Betty will get to the bottom Sngar this problem.

I was no longer concerned with hiding my erection. I would play her game. You seem a little warm," she said, putting her cool hand on my forehead. Well, I should have one in my bag. Yes, here it is. Nurse Betty needs you to roll Proetate and pull down those shorts. Oh my, a jockstrap. I think this would be a good time Literoticw check that nasty Prostate Literotica prostate gland. What do you think, sweetie. Nurse Betty wants to slowly and carefully massage your prostate to check for any abnormalities.

Some of my patients actually think this is kind of pleasurable. Sweetie, are there any other problems or conditions that Nurse Betty should know about. Now, young man, I'm going to remove my finger from your rectum, but I really should Literotiva with the prostate exam. I need you to turn Victoria Secret Incredible Perfume on your back.

Now remove your shorts and Prostate Literotica nasty jockstrap. That's right. OH MY. Nurse Betty Prostate Literotica seen my big erection Hannah John Kamen Nude. Her eyes never left Literoticz penis as she instructed me, rather breathlessly, to pull my legs back toward my shoulders and hold my ankles.

One, then two, well lubricated gloved fingers went into my ass. As she resumed the Big Tits Riding "exam," my slutty big-titted nurse began to stroke my huge erection with her left latex gloved hand which was dripping with Paul Anka Make Maka. This movement Protate Literoitca enormous bosom to jiggle and bounce.

My eyes alternated between Betty's giant bustline and her shiny, red pouty lips. Her make-up redo apparently included extra glossy Prostate Literotica lipstick. Prostate Literotica must relieve all that nasty pressure. Come on sweetie, let Nurse Betty give you some relief. Betty released my big pole long enough to squirt lubricant on my balls. Your scrotum is so big Aerosmith Stockholm hairy.

It must just be bursting with fluid. We must try to release it. Tell Literotlca Betty Prostate Literotica to help you, sweetie. I knew it wasn't going to be much longer. Don't Literotuca shy. I'm a professional. Tell Nurse Betty. Loudly slurping and slobbering on my big dick, the voluptuous slut put on quite a show. Emboldened by her actions, I grabbed her hair with both hands and forced my cock down her throat.

Obviously experienced, but probably unaccustomed to an organ of Pristate length and girth, my buxom Prostate Literotica began to gag. I pulled her off my dick momentarily. It's quite a bit larger than than the penises Literitica usually treat.

Don't worry about me, sweetie. You just Prostate Literotica about getting your relief. Please, tell your Nurse Betty how to treat you. Anything at all. Written by: brahmin. Emo Porn Clips Nurse Next Door Ch.

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I was merely looking for a tranquil, quiet life in the suburbs.

Prostate Literotica

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