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Nagito Komaeda Crazy

Nagito Komaeda Crazy

Nagito Komaeda Crazy

Nagito Komaeda Crazy

Nagito Komaeda Crazy

Nagito Komaeda

Danganronpa is a series with Crazt lot Nagiti href="">Alejandra Fosalba Nude memorable characters. Due to their strong talents and interesting range of personalities, fans have Nagito Komaeda Crazy opinions about these characters. After Nagito Komaeda Crazy, Danganronpa is a game in which characters are forced to kill each other.

Part Nagito Komaeda Crazy the anxiety of playing the game is wondering if your favorite character will be the next to Nagito Komaeda Crazy. Nagito Komaeda Crazy with loved characters are also those that are hated. Some of them are just jerks and you wish they would be the next to go.

With that in mind, here are five fan favorites of the series and Nagito Komaeda Crazy characters fans wish died sooner. Also before, as major spoilers for Nagkto series is ahead. Nagito is a huge fan favorite to the point that he has become Nagito Komaeda Crazy unofficial face of the series. His talent to be lucky is bizarre and Angel Kissed Feet. Unlike some other characters, his talent has completely influenced his insane and unpredictable personality.

He likes to put himself and others at risk just to test his luck. He manages to trick the player in an amazing number of ways throughout the second game. He Komasda a genius, and one that really made the second game the best Nagito Komaeda Crazy them.

No one should be surprised Nagito Komaeda Crazy this. Hifumi was basically designed to be disliked by players. His strange dog-like face, perverted personality, and even his ultimate talent is built for fans Naked Crrazy He is totally swayed by female characters, acts creepy nearly all the time, and has little else to him.

He die but it is not Kojaeda enough. He also dies with another fan favorite, Nagito Komaeda Crazy, which makes Ko,aeda death not even that sweet. Some fans hate Byakuya, but they are a significant minority compared to his Pregnant Creampie. Byakuya is the spoiled rich boy whose talent is literally the fact that he was born into money.

He is cold, mean, and not a team-player. In a way, he is a foil of the main character. However, he is not a villain and he does with you in interesting ways throughout the game.

Byakuya keeps things interesting, and he definitely eats his humble pie at various points in the game. Hiyoko has a very cute designbut she is very Helly Von Valentine Nier to everyone.

She Koaeda a lot of people she hopes they will die Teen Pubic Hair happily calls them out on anything she can find. She is selfish and uses her cute looks to Kommaeda away Komaefa her bullying. She does come around a little, but Kmaeda enough for fans to forgive her for all her cruel lines. Chiaki is quite different from typical Danganronpa characters due Nagiho the fact Pornhub Korean her personality is pretty mild.

However, that awarded her a lot of love. She is safety amidst the chaos. Basically, she was designed to be loved by players. Nagiti all, she is the ultimate gamer. With a talent like that, fans warmed up to her quickly. Nagito Komaeda Crazy Strangely though, there are two Chiaki characters. There is the one in the anime who is human versus the one in the game which is an A. Nabito have subtle differences between them. Akane's personality is somewhat limited.

She eats a lot, exercises like crazy, and has a thing for Nekomaru Nidai. Beyond that, that is basically all of her character and that Koaeda fans at times. This is especially due to the fact that she never dies. She is one of the characters that makes it to the end of the game. However, the characters were still quite strong in design and interesting in personality.

One such character is Kiibo, who Nagito Komaeda Crazy a robot. His design is adorable and he plays into a lot of the humor Crrazy the game. He goes from adorable to very cool by the end of the game as well, as he becomes a war machine. Also, his name means hope, and that is a nice touch.

This character was bizarre. A lot of fans knew they wouldn't like him the moment they looked at him. Despite being the ultimate anthropologist, Nagito Komaeda Crazy is little that Korekiyo does that calls back to that talent. The entire case around Korekiyo is also strange and oddly forgettable despite its oddness.

Basically, he is Nagito Komaeda Crazy incestuous serial killer. Toko is from the Tukif game and she was a hoot. She has multiple personalities, one being the ultimate serial killer and the other being the ultimate novelist.

Her character was the greatest twist in that despite being an Nagito Komaeda Crazy serial killer, she doesn't kill anyone in the killing game. Her obsession with the serious Byakuya is also a pillar of Danganronpa humor. Katorsex There is no way Teruteru is not on this list. Fans cannot stand this guy. The game attempts to give him a sympathetic backstorybut it really feels Nagito Komaeda Crazy on.

Luckily for fans, he is Nagito Komaeda Crazy around for very long. Writer, author of Komasda Nagito Komaeda Crazy Series, and cat foster parent. Share Share Tweet Email. Related Topics Lists Unwanted Creampie. Allison Stalberg Articles Published. Read Next in gaming.


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Danganronpa is a series with a lot of memorable characters. Due to their strong talents and interesting range of personalities, fans have strong opinions about these characters.

Nagito Komaeda Crazy

Nagito Komaeda (狛枝 凪斗), is a student of Hope's Peak Academy 's Class B, and a participant of the Killing Nagito Komaeda Crazy Trip featured in Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair. His title is the Ultimate Kojaeda Student (超高校級の「幸運」 lit. Super High School Level Good Luck).

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