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Sargatanas Aether. Dr Slump Midori Norimaki Aether. Midgardsormr Aether. Shinryu Mana. Asura Mana. Carbuncle Hive Barding. Ragnarok Chaos. Coeurl Hive Barding. Lich Light. Hive Barding News Hivf. Patch Notes Hive Barding Special Sites Updated.

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Blacksmith Recipe Lv. Goldsmith Recipe Lv. Leatherworker Recipe Lv.

Hive Barding

9/8/ · Hive Barding. Item type Other Bardig type Other Rarity Basic Value 1 Patch “ A suit of chocobo armor designed to resemble Ravana, the Lord of the Hive. — In-game description. Obtained By Recipe. Hive Barding. Source Master Armorer III Hive Barding ARM Level 60 ★ Durability 70 Difficulty Max. Hive Barding Yield 1. Characteristics. Quick Gratis Trekant Unavailable. High Quality Unavailable.

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