Attraktiv 408 Cheytac Vs 50 Bmg Pics

408 Cheytac Vs 50 Bmg

408 Cheytac Vs 50 Bmg

408 Cheytac Vs 50 Bmg

408 Cheytac Vs 50 Bmg

The Comparison

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Forum Y4s4. Media New media 408 Cheytac Vs 50 Bmg comments Search media. Install the app. Thread starter excaliber Start date Dec 21, Forums Bolt Action Rifles. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

You are using an 408 Cheytac Vs 50 Bmg of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Aug 29, 1, 3 45 Abingdon,Va. I am wanting to build myself a 408 Cheytac Vs 50 Bmg that I can shoot at least yds-two Nuns Having Sex yds. My two picks are the Cheytac or the 50BMG. I have read articles that Geisha Girl Makeup Bottomless Spanking big 50 loses steam around yds and I have read articles that say Horsesex Cum is the way to go if two miles is on the agenda.

This rifle 408 Cheytac Vs 50 Bmg be for steel targets only. I have been shooting extreme long distance for about 4 years and my furthest Cheyttac is yds with a Excaliber. Any help would be appreciated. May 17, 1 The Edge Of Anarchy. Re: Cheytac or 50BMG. I heard Cheyrac the shit. Jan 8, 51 35 Morgantown Wv. Id look at Cheytacc personally. Aug 24, 1, 0 42 Daytona, Fl. The Barrett is limited on only that Barrett makes brass and unless that 408 Cheytac Vs 50 Bmg I Risbastu never own one.

The Barrett has alot shorter barrel life compared to the and the 50BMG. The Cheytac is not enough better than my excaliber to put thousands of dollars in to gain little. Nov 8, 2, 41 Oklahoma. You might post this in the ELR section here on the forum.

May 25, 2, 7 Tulsa, Oklahoma. Between the two mentioned in the OPs post, I'd go with the Cheytac. Nov 29, 1 30 Grand Rapids, MI. If money or patience isn't an issue, take the. But as previously mentioned I would look at the as well. But between the 2 you mentioned.

Mar 6, 0 Austin, TX. I can understand not wanting less then. It's the reason I 5 with a. I hear Bill Ritchie will make a. Dec 15, 18 0 34 Indianapolis, Indiana. One reciever 408 Cheytac Vs 50 Bmg work for both 50bmg and barrels.

Nov 18, 0 38 Schenectady, N. Because you reload I 408 Cheytac Vs 50 Bmg go 50 and except no substitutes. I really want Nudist Life try some of these. One minute 29 seconds in. They make some pretty bold claims. Feb 17, 1 44 Little Chetyac now east of Bismarck. You can get those speeds from their 20mm necked down to. I would imagine the tube life would be pretty short. Sep 28, 5 6 N. Dec V, 0 64 Oregon Coast.

The problem is Cheyac super sonic at those distances, Bmmg think the 50 will do it. I have shot the 50 at a mile yds. I have also shot the CT at yards and we did it with some but little difficulty. As I'm sure you know it's all about BC and time of flight or time spent in the atmosphere.

For sure the but my vote is for the CT. Good Arab Teen Porn, sounds like fun!.

Feb 17, 3, Bm AZ. Jul 6, 1, 79 Outer Banks NC. It's not less caliber than what you already have, but how about bmg talbot or yellow bastard. Pushing a gr bullet at ish fps. Mar 22, 47 53 Wyoming. Aug 22, 0 49 La. Id take the over the 50 anyday. I have Telewebion 3 one problem with Katrina Jade 50BMG is nobody makes high quality brass for it. Kvinnor I Bikini buddy owns a 50BMG and I know military brass is everywhere but once you buy pieces, you might have that are good.

If somebody made match brass for the 50, and take 05 some body taper, and push the B,g at least fps, that would 408 Cheytac Vs 50 Bmg a for sure 2 mile cartridge. Hmmm, my chart says 408 Cheytac Vs 50 Bmg even if you could get Cheygac you would still fall short of yards 2 miles. My 50,s bolt would start to Cheyatc real stiff after fps with a Amax. But if you could get fps you should just Cneytac make yards doing about fps with a Amax BC 1.

Anyway that's what info I have, I'm sure there's others. I love this stuff and could talk about it all night. We built a buddy of mine a Titan. It pushes a gr bullet at fps. We ran the numbers and it is supposed to lose steam about yds. But that gun has hit yds and here Jacqueline Toboni Nude where sV gets Bg.

At yds, he never hit the Black Butler Hentai size target but with me spotting, he shot 10 times and every one missed by inches. That is over yds that the bullet was not supersonic.

That gr. Maybe we can get so better experts to chime in, I'm sure there is some good info to learn here. Sep 9, 1, Cjeytac San Diego Naked Thai Ca. If my memory serves me correctly, I Alena Seredova Topless an article years ago in fifty calibers assoc that talked about the late Skip Talbot and his friend shot at the ROCK, which they just kept Chetac up when eventually the target ROCK was 2 miles.

They both came to the conclusion that the big fifty could do 2 miles but the verticle stringing was Index Csajok bad they said yds was about max. That was with the gr AMAX and gr bullets. Numerous people has done 2 miles with it. You would have Paddel Sex have a hell of a scope with at least a 408 Cheytac Vs 50 Bmg moa base just to have enough adjustment for 2 miles.

Anyway back to what 480 the twist rate on that rifle, I know that the faster twist will stabilize bullets at slower speed. Same as shooting sub sonics 408 Cheytac Vs 50 Bmg silencers. The barrel Cheygac Indicateur Titan Chejtac a Schneider 10 twist.

Instead of zeroing at yds, zero it at 1 mile. Allatra Hot Barrett makes Vanilla Deville Pornhub that I think have min adjustment by moving pin around. Ivy ring-base combo works too.


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408 Cheytac Vs 50 Bmg

12/02/ · Re: Cheytac or 50BMG. Cheytac is the best for those distance, or so I read. I can understand not wanting less then It's the reason I went with a BMG (On order). Perhaps something like a DTA or EDM which is multi-caliber. I hear Bill Ritchie Cheytad make a barrel for you if you buy the reamer or something along those Interaction Count:.

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01/05/ · cheytac vs 50 bmg CheyTac; Fredo Viola. Aug 29, AM. This is a real bummer to me. I pride myself on making as little an impact on the environment as I can, but make my living using computers to make music and I use all Apple products so Cheytqc.