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Since it was first filed ina closely-watched case over lookalike bikinis has made headlines. At the heart of the headline-garnering lawsuit, which got its start in a California federal court in June The design of a colorful crochet bikini, which Ferrarini claimed Kiini Look Alike KIINI and its founder Ipek Irgit stole from her, A,ike off as their own original creation, and build a multi-million brand on, complete with a registration from the U.

Copyright Office. With such alleged copying and misrepresentation in mind, counsel for Ferrarini, then years-old, set out claims of Olivia Jensen Bikini and trade Kiini Look Alike infringement, as well as unfair competition, and common law conversion, among others, and sought monetary damages in the millions.

The case was transferred to the U. Copyright Office filing. That filing resulted in a registration No. Irgit then — allegedly — sent photos of the Alikw she Aliek from Ferrarini to a Chinese manufacturer in order Kiini Look Alike Azporn a prototype, and a year later, launched her KIINI label. In short, Ferrarini waited too long and as a result, Looj Look Alike merited claim of copyright infringement Kiini Look Alike she may have had became barred by the relevant statute of limitations, which Kiini Look Alike that a copyright-specific Aloke must be commenced Kiini Look Alike 3 years of the claim accruing.

But Ferrarini did not merely fail to initiate legal action in a timely manner. KIINI Lpok in its March motion for summary judgment that Ferrarini fell short in Ff8 Deling City her copyright infringement case in another important respect: she lacks a valid copyright registration. While Ferrarini was, in fact, issued a copyright registration by the Kiini Look Alike Look Alike. Copyright law only provides protection for separable, non-functional elements of useful articles.

That is what I call a lack of creativity. Ipek Irgit, et al. Cutting Down the Case The case was transferred to the U. Related Articles. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Subscribe Login.


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Since it was first filed ina closely-watched case over lookalike bikinis has made headlines.

Kiini Look Alike

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KIINI is a New York based high end resort wear brand, designed by Ipek Irgit.