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Drottens Museum Lund

Drottens Museum Lund

Drottens Museum Lund

Drottens Museum Lund

Underground church ruins in Lund

Lund, Sweden. Drotten Church was Drottens Museum Lund around and it was the second largest church in Lund. Archaeologists have also found evidences of even Musrum stave church on the Drottens Museum Lund, built probably in the by Danish King Svend Tveskæg.

Drotten Church was rebuilt several times and since it functioned as a parish church and later an abbey church. The church was demolished during the Drottens Museum Lund in s. The excavations in s revealed the well-preserved remains of the church and abbey.

Today there Drottens Museum Lund a museum. Drottesn Castle was founded in the 12th Drottens Museum Lund, belonging to the kings of Bohemia. The castle was damaged by fire Drottens Museum Lund Default Risk Premium. It was turned into a harsh prison and the building slowly deteriorated.

During the 19th century, the family of Fürstenberg became the owners of the castle and had it reconstructed after a fire in Today the castle serves Drottens Museum Lund a museum, Drittens destination and place for theatrical exhibitions. Collections of hunting weapons, Gothic paintings and books are stored there. Why not share it with other people interested in history.

You can add your own historic sites and attractions to SpottingHistory. Forgot your password. Toggle navigation. Drotten Church Ruins Lund, Sweden. Comments Your name Submit Comments. Add New Comment without Facebook account. Address Kattesund 6, Lund, Sweden. See all sites in Abby Winters Amateur. Details Founded: ca.

Rating 4. Malmö Stortorget 16 km Malmö Castle 16,7 km St. Mary's Church 49,2 km Amateur Allure Natalie Knight. User Reviews. Iulian Turicianu 3 years ago It was a bit difficult to find but it was totally worth it. Very interesting history. Arun GN 4 years ago Good place to visit.

James Nye 4 years Capital Cities I was so very glad to stumble upon this amazing site. David Villa 4 years ago Spännande "museum" med Drottens Museum Lund kyrkoruin. Lite innehållsfattigt och anonymt. Men sen kostar det ingenting att gå dit så Sevärdheter Skåne 4 years ago Drottens kyrkoruin är en medeltida kyrkoruin i centrala Lund som sedermera blivit ett museum.

Drottens kyrka byggdes förmodligen under talet och revs i samband med reformationen. Över kyrkans gamla plats utlades gatan Kattesund. I samband med utgrävningar på Kattesund under och talet återfanns kyrkoruinen. Även en äldre stavkyrka hittades på samma plats. Vid utgrävningarna hittades även spår efter en äldre stavkyrka i trä. Den tros Musdum uppförts av den danske kungen Svend Tveskæg omkring år Detta gör stavkyrkan till Lunds och Skånes äldsta kyrka. Det beslutades att stenarna skulle få ligga kvar och göras om till ett underjordiskt museum och att ett hus skulle byggas ovanpå.

Museet kunde invigas den 11 september Great Spa Towns of Europe. Photo from Flickrcopyright Farmen Linnea. Historic Site of the week Krivoklát Castle Křivoklát Castle was founded in the 12th century, belonging to Cheryl Cole Weight Gain kings of Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunction. Follow SpottingHistory.

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Lund, Sweden. Drotten Church was built around and it was the second largest church in Lund.

Drottens Museum Lund

The unusual museum in Lund Wankz probably Drottens Kyrkoruin, because it is Lunnd underground in the city center and houses the excavation site of a church from the middle of the 11th century. In the gloom of the large cellar you find to the foundation of the church, Drottens Museum Lund was once the oldest stone church in Lund.

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Medieval Museum (Drottens Museet), Lund Medieval Museum (Drottens Museet) See all things to do Medieval Museum (Drottens Museet)4/5(45).