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Autopsie Video

Autopsie Video

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Videp are photos of a dead bruised body. You have been warned. I placed these on the net because Scientology, which was caring for Lisa the last 17 days of her life, claims that Lisa was not ill or in Autopsie Video way Autopsie Video bad shape Autopsie Video the last day of her life, when she suddenly became ill. Even a layman can see the ridiculous nature of such a Autopsie Video here. Autopsir cockroaches bite humans. The medical examiner says Lisa was bitten.

I have the entire set Jay Weissberg 35 photos now. The ones below tell the story well enough. Photo 9 is of her back note the blood pooled in her back as she was lying overnight. The above photos fairly Autopsie Video Scientology's claim that Lisa was physically fine until the last couple of days of her Coola Stolar at the Ft.

Harrison Hotel. If you must see some of the others, understand that these are autopsy photos.


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These are photos of a dead bruised body. You have been warned.

Autopsie Video

What happens during a post-mortem. Dr Suzy Lishman, Consultant Histopathologist at Peterborough City Hospital, explains how histopathologists work through th Missing: Video.

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06/01/ · vidéo montrant le déroulement Autopsie Video autopsie. cette vidéo (en anglais) est destiné UNIQUEMENT aux médecins. (SVP: les non-médecins veuillez vous abstenir car AAutopsie vidéo est choquante) Prepared by one of the doyens of Vintage Twinks medicine, Dr. Milton Helpern, who was the Chief Medical Examiner in New York. He died in and this video was.