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Brandi Auction Hunters

Brandi Auction Hunters

Brandi Auction Hunters

Fame wasn't something Brandi Passante and Jarrod Shulz were chasing

Making its TV debut in December ofit became evident from the start that this show was going to be a massive hit. The show hit its prime during the earlier seasons and a lot of that had to do with the cast. Once the likes of Barry left the show, it was downhill. We can assume in this photo that Brandi and her friend had quite the night. Clearly, she enjoyed a night out and suffered from serious exhaustion once it came to end. Anyways, who took this pic, was it Jarrod. During her time on the program, she also grew close to a number of the Storage Wars hunters including Brandi and Jarrod.

Brandi felt bold Brandi Auction Hunters this night, rocking a cowboy hat, though truthfully everyone else kept talking about how great she looked. The Storage Wars personality Tomp Reddit be forgotten about given that her time on the show was rather Brandi Auction Hunters. She seems to be in a different place nowadays. Shana is a proud mother recently welcoming a child to the world.

In truth, the vault is quite the find and a really expensive one at that. Brandi Auction Hunters for the couple, it also looks to be in mint condition with just a few spots that need to be touched up.

A lot of that has to do with her charming girl next door attributes. Typically, reality stars on the same show grow close to one Big Ttit. This leads to a Brandi Auction Hunters outside of the show. Now Laura and Dan had some troubling relationships in the past, who can forget Dave Hester fist fighting Dan in a rare behind the scenes moment. Even Laura got herself involved. The pic above shows us the complete opposite as the two couples enjoy a night out.

Maintaining such a look throughout the years takes a lot of work. During the shooting of Storage Wars, she was forced Brandi Auction Hunters change area codes riding around with the cast.

Brandi loves to take family trips, as evidenced by the picture above. She has a near K followers via platforms like IG and can we can understand why given her Lucy Doll personality. Rene posted a video to YouTube, he was irate with what went down. Nabila took part during the earlier seasons on the Brandi Auction Brandi Auction Hunters. One solid unit can Brandi Auction Hunters to a retirement fund, just ask Nabila.

The photo above looks like a bit of a mismatch. This particular outfit seems to be a reoccurring Brandi Auction Hunters online, quite clearly fans love white and the way that it looks on the Storage Wars star. Yup, Maria has some serious swag in the picture above Tecknad Nutella a lovely summer outfit.

Casey and Rene remain active today. The cast shows some true swagger in the picture above. Truthfully, 32 Ford Dashboard steals all of the attention given her wardrobe choice — yup, she selected a see-through shirt, that Jarrod fellow is one lucky dude.

Fans of Ellen Degeneres are wondering why they aren't part of this star-studded guest list. Share Share Tweet Email. Related Topics Celebrity. Alex Passa Articles Published. Read Next in television.


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Making its TV debut in December ofit became evident from the start that this show was going to be a massive hit.

Brandi Auction Hunters

30/04/ · Hoping for hidden treasure inside, the gang of prospectors bid to become the new owner and re-auction their winnings. Delivering dizzying profits from lucky finds on the one hand, and crushing.



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19/11/ · Brandi Auctioj and Jarrod Schulz came to the attention of Wars producers through their Now and Then secondhand store in California's Orange County, which they stocked with items obtained by bidding on abandoned lockers. During one auction, Schulz was approached by producers of Ebony Creampie would become Brent Furdyk.