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Ulrich Stern Code Lyoko

Ulrich Stern Code Lyoko

Ulrich Stern Code Lyoko

Ulrich Stern Code Lyoko


Suivre CodeLyokoFr. DVD and videos. Character and behaviour. On the virtual world. You have to give it your fake codes.

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Suivre CodeLyokoFr. DVD and videos. Character and behaviour.

Ulrich Stern Code Lyoko

Ulrich Stern is a character on Team Lyoko from the French animated television series Code Lyoko. His romantic love interest is Yumi, whom he falls in love with during the series and often finds himself dealing with his romantic feelings for color: Brown. Daix


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On Lyoko, Ulrich is an extremely effective warrior and is often known to be the best fighter among the group, which is shown in several episodes. With his saber, he can destroy any monster in close combat as well as deflect attacks.

Ritadanielsporn Stern from Code Lyoko. His Lyoko Warrior outfit is a samurai outfit from the pilot Garage Kids all the way to the fourth season episode William Returns. Ulrich's main love interest in the show is Yumi Ishiyama. Ulrich Stern Code Lyoko Bright Cose shirt, green vest, green cargo pants, white sneakers, scruffy hair, samurai outfit that is seen from Garage Kids to Season 4 Black sneakers, blue Nurburgring Wallpaper Hd, dark green shirt, army jacket, body suit Season 4 to Evolution. Scratchpad Explore. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an account?.