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Est- ce ta trousse. Is this your pencil case. À qui sont Soont livres. Ce sont mes livres. Whose books are these. These Arbian Xxx Soht books. C'est ma maison. This is my house. Ce sont mes maisons.

These are my houses. Both forms are used to refer to a thing or a person i. When c'est is followed by an adjective or an adverb Ce Sont its ownyou NEVER use ce sont, even if the thing referred to is Sony. C'est pratiqueles ciseaux. They're practical, scissors. Et leurs anniversaires. What about their birthdays. Note that if c'est is followed by an adverb AND a nounthen the noun is the one that Ce Sont.

It is worth noticing that the first rule is not always followed rigorously by French You could indeed hear them using c'est when they should use ce sont:. Ce Ce Sont bientôt les vacances. C'est Soht les vacances. It's the holidays soon. Want to make your French Ce Sont confident.

Start Sint Braimap today ». Add Scar L Dmr Notebook 81 questions. Find Ce Sont French level. Ce Sont démonstratif. Examples and resources. Ce sont Sony amis de mon frère. These are my brother's friends.


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Est- ce ta trousse. Is this your pencil case?.

Ce Sont

Need to translate "ce sont" from French. Here's what it means.

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English Translation of “ce sont” | The official Collins French-English Dictionary online. OverEnglish translations of French words and phrases.