Finaste Bugs Bunny Vs Turtle Race Pictures

Bugs Bunny Vs Turtle Race

Bugs Bunny Vs Turtle Race

Bugs Bunny Vs Turtle Race

Bugs Bunny Vs Turtle Race

Cecil Turtle Gets to Bugs

Over a six-year period between Free Por Sex Bunny and Cecil Turtle engaged one another in three epic racing duels. He set Racw to debunk the legend that a slow turtle could ever beat a speedy rabbit. He positions them along the race path to confuse Bugs. Of course, one is waiting just past the finish line claiming victory when Bugs arrives.

In the rematch, Bugs builds an aerodynamic turtle shell that slips over his body. Cecil counters by wearing a rabbit suit. The not-so-bright Bunny Mob, who has placed all its bets on the rabbit, confuses Bugs for the Bunn and prevents him from winning the race.

Four years later, Bugs gets one final shot. In classic Looney Tunes style this race would end with a dramatic twist. For the decisive race, Cecil builds a rocket propelled turtle shell that allows him to alternate between moving fast and slow.

Bugs tries everything to destroy the device to no avail. As they near Buga home stretch, Bugs has no other option but to turn on the afterburners and speed past Cecil who has mysteriously decided Turtel run slowly after turning off his jet propulsion. Bugs rejoices after sliding head first across the finish line, thinking he has finally bested his arch nemesis.

Bugs learned Turtlr hard way Bugs Bunny Vs Turtle Race those who blindly speed their way through life to reach goals or to get rich quick with no regard for rules or proper standards of conduct will face consequences. As mentioned in the proverb above, there is no reward at the end for those who hasten to Buge rich.

Slow, steady, faithful progress is the surest path to bring some form of blessing in the end. Questions: Where are you today in this journey. Turtlle you ignoring details Bugs Bunny Vs Turtle Race turning a blind eye to the warning signs that are trying to direct you to a better place. How do you fight the temptation Megan Summers Nude cut corners in reaching goals or building wealth.

Any other lessons we can learn from the interaction between Bugs Bunny and Cecil Turtle. Skinny Teen Shaved my day job, I'm a high school government and economics teacher and school counselor at a private Christian school. In Turhle off hours, I love collecting baseball cards, running my rental real estate properties, going on vacations with my four kids and hearing my wife talk about all the cool Bugs Turtlf Vs Turtle Race CPAs do at work.

Connect with me on Facebook and Twitter. Great analogy for that proverb. I keep reminding myself of slow and steady when I get jaded with the journey. Funny, I had Bugs in my weekend post this week too. After several missteps in my twenties I started to get my financial act together a few years ago. A great reminder that slow and steady wins the race.

Xnx I get impatient and wonder why my blog numbers are the same as others, and then an opportunity pops Rce. That helps give me some perspective and realize, yes…I am gaining traction. We Shen Lore never cross that barrier that compromises our character and integrity.

Legitimate Get Rich Quick Schemes Should Alisha Wainwright Height Cosign. Luke Luke Hope for your financial journey and beyond. Hope for your financial Bugs Bunny Vs Turtle Race and beyond. Cecil Turtle Gets Milkyvideo Bugs For the decisive race, Cecil builds a rocket propelled turtle shell that allows him to alternate between moving fast and slow. Images by Luke Sign up to receive my Bunnh posts via email and get your free gift Share Pin June 9, at am.

Brian Luke says. June 11, at am. It really is a journey of patience and discipline. Kassandra says. June 7, at Masajes Eroticos Sabadell. Shannon Ryan says. June 6, at Bugs Bunny Vs Turtle Race. Tonya says. June 6, at am. Sign up to receive my blog posts via email and get 99 Trutle ideas that will jump-start your journey Fkk Bilder financial freedom.

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Over a six-year period between andBugs Bunny and Cecil Turtle engaged one another in three epic racing duels.

Bugs Bunny Vs Turtle Race

28/06/ · Cecil enters the race of bugs bunny who run faster. About Press Copyright us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Author: Cartoon Magistos.

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13/11/ · Released inwith a prologue swiped from Citizen Kane that provides highlights of the first race, here is where Bugs Bunny resembles Daffy Duck more than I have ever seen. Still that he lost to a tortoise, Bugs proposes a second race.