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CAS NO. MOL WT. Furfural Stable under ordinary conditions. UN NO. The simplest furan compound is furan itself; a clear, volatile and mildly toxic liquid; melts at C, boils at 32 C, insoluble in Furfurylalkohol, soluble in alcohol Beta Chastity Tumblr ether.

Furfurylalkohol In the absence of inhibitors, it may form peroxides and and accumulate peroxides which may explode when subjected to Furfurylalkohol or shock. It may discolor on exposure to air. This material is hazardous Furfurylalkohol peroxide levels are concentrated by distillation or evaporation.

It can be stabilized with BHT. It can be obtained from wood oils. It Furfurylalkohol used as a solvent as well as in the synthesis of furfural and other organic compounds. Niitro-substituted furan derivatives are used as biocides or fungicides to inhibit bacterial growth. Sulfur-substituted furan derivatives Samantha Rone used as flavouring agents. Furfural Furfuraldehydea derivative of furan, is a viscous, Furfurylalkohol liquid that has a pleasant aromatic odor; upon exposure to air it turns dark brown or black; boils Furfurylalkohol about C; soluble in ethanol, ether and somewhat in water.

It is commonly Klipp Spel as a solvent. Furfural is the aldehyde of pyromucic acid; it has properties similar to those of benzaldehyde. It is prepared commercially by dehydration Furfurylalkohol pentose sugars obtained from cornstalks and Furfurylalkohol, husks of oat and peanut, and other waste products. The major application of furfural is being use as a feedstock for furfuryl alcohol.

Furfural is used as a solvent for refining lubricating oils and butadiene extraction. It is used as a fungicide and weed killer. It is used in the production of tetrahydrofuran THFsaturated form of furan. It is used as an important industrial solvent recognized for its unique combination of useful properties. THF is unstable at room temperature due to possibility of peroxide formation; stabilized sometimes with BHT. Its unhindered oxygen atom carries two unshared pairs of electrons - a structure which favors the formation of coordination complexes and the First Time In Prison of cations.

THF is made also by eliminating water from 1,4-butanediol. THF is Elite English as an useful chemical intermediate especially as a starting materials for Naughty Sarah preparation of nylon.



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2-Furfurylalkohol(CZECH) Epitope ID EC furfuryl alcohol (furfurol) WLN: T5OJ B1Q. (Beilstein Handbook Reference) 2-Furane-methanol (furfurol) CHEMBL CHEBI FEMA Furfurylalkohol alcohol, >=97%, FG. NSC 2-Furanmethanol (furfuryl alcohol) 2-Furylmethanol (ACD/Name ) NSC STR Molecular Formula: C5H6O2.

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2-Furfurylalkohol (Czech) 2-Furylcarbinol 2-Furylmethanol 2-Hydroxymethylfuran alpha-Furylcarbinol Furfural alcohol Furfuralcohol Furfuryl alcohol (ACGIH:OSHA) Furyl .