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British Protectorate

British Protectorate

British Protectorate

British protected states

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The French held out in Kerkyra until When Greece became independent inthe islanders began to press for union with Greece, however the British government resisted the Protecforate since, like the Venetians, they considered the islands a strategic naval base in the region. British Protectorate

British Protectorate

British Protectorates was a status Virginie Brun by several of the former British territories within the British Empire. A birth in a British Protectorate Protectorate would have in the nationality status of "British Protected Person" (commonly referred to as a BPP). This status would have been passed down the MALE LINE ONLY to children of such BPP's.

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British Protectorate British protectorates were territories in which the British Crown exercised sovereign jurisdiction. Many British Protectorate which became protectorates of the Empire already had local rulers whom the Crown negotiated with through treaty, acknowledging Estimated Reading Time: 6 mins. Brtiish