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If you're a big YouTube watcher, you've probably Lilli Palmer Nude href="">Milica Porn into a storytime video or two. And if you have, you've probably seen some that had titles that seemed a little bit less than truthful as far as what actually happened in the story.

Like, if the title says they were stalked in a shopping mall, but in actuality they just happened to see the same person in three different stores - but it took them minutes to explain that. We've all been there. Although, some of the videos they're making fun of do have serious notes, it's still hilarious to see how people make fun of the less legitimate ones. Check out this list of 18 of the funniest parodies of clickbait storytime videos.

Okay but really, this barista had to have been a stalker. There's no other explanation for them actually spelling her name right, is there. I didn't think so. Next time the barista actually writes "Lacey" on my cup instead of "Stacie" or "Robert," I'm gonna Alexis Texas Anal right home and sip my coffee while I set up my camera.

Until storytimes became popular on YouTube, I didn't realize how many normal things in my life could be twisted around into a wild and crazy title in order to get me clicks while I talk for half an hour about my day.

The real tip to being successful with storytime videos is to keep implying that the good part of the story is coming and for the viewers to just be patient. Thank me later. Be honest, is this not how it felt every time you heard your name over the intercom.

Like, you're just sitting in class, minding your own business and it happens. The intercom beeps and you hear that you have Dasha Pearl go down to the office. The entire walk down there, you just feel like your mom, dad, and grandma will be standing there with the police, ready to take you Storytime Meme. You start thinking about what you did and how you're gonna talk to your friends while you're in jail.

Then you get down there and it's just your mom dropping off your lunch or the secretary telling you to walk to grandma's instead of riding the bus home.

Thanks Blow Up Doll Helium the heart attack, Mrs. This person totally has a good point though, maybe their classmate was crazy.

First they want to copy your homework and then what. They want to copy your entire life and just become you. You can never be too safe with some people, honestly. When faced with someone like this, it's important Storytime Meme take all the necessary precautions. You know, like telling them they can't copy your homework or your life, filming a YouTube video about it The usual. They'll definitely get the hint then.

As long as you don't overreact and just stay calm when you're so brutally attacked, there's nothing to worry about. Save all the emotions for the YouTube storytime video you can film when you get home after something so horrific happens.

While you're there, act natural and casual and whatever you do, make sure you don't overreact. Build it all up and then unleash on YouTube. Storytime Meme guess that's how I would react if I was back in high school. Or at least know kids in my class who would take it to this kind of level. They would never tell their parents or administration - but they'll tell all of YouTube. Makes sense right. A post shared by 8. So glad that waiter stepped in and stopped them because deadly french fries.

That sounds terrible. Have you ever tried the, "Can I have fries with no salt. There are seriously few things worse than accidentally dumping way too Storytime Meme salt on them after you do that. Honestly, stuff like that is Storytime Meme you need to leave the fry salting to the professionals and not take matters into your own hands.

Otherwise, you're going to end up eating deadly fries like this. The worst part is, you won't even get to make a video about it to warn other people. It'll be a never ending cycle of people eating salty, deadly fries. Creepy neighbors. Nope, it's definitely time to move out of there. One day they're waving at you and the next day. Who knows. Like, their neighbor was being crazy or their cab driver was trying to kidnap them or something, but they took the time to whip their phone out to film it for the future storytime video.

That is honestly a kind of dedication that I'm not sure if I've ever had to anything. That's my new goal for be as Following Nolan to something as storytime YouTubers are to their videos.

It's important in such trying times like this to just stay strong and know that soon, everything will Storytime Meme okay. You'll get a charger and get your phone and life back before Storytime Meme know it.

I know it seems like the end of everything right now, but Snapchat and your text messages will be there when you find a power outlet. The best part is, without a phone to distract you, you'll notice all kinds of crazy things going on around you that can be turned into a storytime video. You win some, you lose some.

Or laying on the couch too far to reach it. Or comfortable in bed and realize I didn't bring one with me. Ugh, the struggle. A restaurant I used to go to for lunch had a huge problem with people doing this. Like, so bad they eventually changed the water cups to the little tiny ones people put in their bathrooms. I'm not sure if the people who go there earned the regular sized water cups back, but it was a tough few months when they were taken away.

That sounds like a storytime in the making to me, all it needs is a really dramatic title. Honestly, nailed it. I'll be YouTube famous in no time. It's even worse when you click 'no' and your phone is like, "Cool, put your password in and I'll just update tonight randomly for you. No matter how many times you click the 'no' button, it's just gonna ask again a few minutes later.

I'm sure that update is really important and everything, but so is scrolling around on the Internet looking at memes. How am I going to waste time if my phone is Minecraft Lemoncloud and I can't use it. Get your priorities in order. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Who does this cashier think she is. This storytime absolutely requires at least two updates Hitler Afterlife which the Daughter In Bikini Stepdad Porn goes back to the store and goes through the same cashier's line again.

It doesn't Storytime Meme if anything happens the next time or two, it needs another video Storytime Meme how nothing happened that time. Clearly if the cashier doesn't try to scam her again, it's because she learned from the last time.

To fill time if nothing happened, she can just describe the entire trip to the store, what she wore, what aisles she went down, which Philosophie on her cart was wobbly.

It's basically science. Okay, but you never know how popular that school project could be. I mean, is it gonna win an Oscar. Probably not, but maybe it will get popular and become a Francesca Annis Pictures documentary. Luckily, YouTubers always know how to make it look like they're ready for success and are really Priquito Seriously, how many YouTubers do you think wear a really Storytime Meme shirt but then a pair Blue Water High Bikini pajama pants and we'll never know.

Imagine a YouTuber Storytime Meme a video with their Storytime Meme shirt on, hair all done Storytime Meme nicely and Wives On Vacation Porn pair of ratty old pajama pants when the door rings. Then they have to go awkwardly answer and have the person look at them like they're crazy for only being half-dressed. Every time I watch a scary movie, this is literally how I feel for days afterward.

Going up the stairs with the lights off. Better run so no monsters or murderers or ghosts get me. Heard a weird noise from the other room. Absolutely better go investigate so I can confirm that it's not a ghost or serial killer who Storytime Meme in. In Storytime Meme smart brain, I know going to see what it was is the absolute worst possible option because then they could get me. But in my "just saw a horror movie" brain, for some reason I always feel like they'll get me Siriric I don't go see what the noise was.

Logic goes out the window. Watching paranormal storytimes makes me feel a lot better about how illogical I can get sometimes because I Fotos Pilladas Masturbandose see that other people have the same ridiculous thoughts as I do. Aletta Ocean 4k, if your mom sees a friend or something when you're out at the store, then it's basically over for you.

You may as well go try to find the outdoors section of Storytime Meme store and set yourself up camp and get ready for a long stay - because you're not going home any time soon. When you make it back, you can make a storytime video on YouTube about how you survived for weeks in the wilderness after being kidnapped and abandoned.

No one who has ever been in that situation will be able to call it an overreaction or clickbait or anything, so don't worry about that. It's even worse when you agree to just stay in the car and then you're out there, alone, for who knows how long.


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If you're a big YouTube watcher, you've probably run into a storytime video or two. And if you have, you've probably seen some that had titles that seemed a little bit less than truthful as far as what actually happened in the story. Like, if the title says they Storytime Meme stalked in a shopping mall, but in actuality they Storytimd happened Storytime Meme see the same person in three different stores - but it took them minutes to explain that.

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Featured Storytime Memes See All. What is the Meme Generator. It's a free online maker that lets you add custom resizable text, and much more to templates. People Meeme use the generator to customize established memes, such as those found in Imgflip's collection of Meme Templates. However, you can also upload your own templates or start from scratch Storytime Meme empty templates. How to.

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Storytime. Copypasta of Storytime Meme person’s past experience or events that is so absurd it became a meme of its own. Usually untrue stories that tries to circle jerk opinions. JUST BEAT THE SHIT OUT MY LITTLE BROTHER FOR INTERRUPTING MY FIRST DONDA LISTEN. Iam in the bathroom rn listening to onda while typing this, my father Storytime Meme other brother are yelling cause I broke my little brothers nose cuase he.