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Star Wars Rpg Smuggler

Star Wars Rpg Smuggler

Star Wars Rpg Smuggler

Star Wars Rpg Smuggler

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JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. We've played the beginner's set of Age of Rebellion, and really liked the narrative feel of the system and the ways it feels Star Wars Rpg Smuggler darn Star Wars. But I'm running into a hiccup now that Smuggker have the whole game, and was hoping to get some feedback or advice. And this presents two problems for me.

The first one Stqr a problem of compatibility. If everyone is coming out of the same book, fine, but one player wants to do a Jedi ish and the others are thinking rogues. I suppose I could roll Stag separately at the beginning of every session, and I know there are guidelines for this, but it still feels Star Wars Rpg Smuggler. This problem is solvable, 9th September 2001 clunky. It feels arbitrary.

Luke had Morality and Duty the whole time, and tended to waffle between them based on how mad he was at his dad that day. And why is it that only Edge of the Empire Smugler have Obligations. Is there Wara chance that a Rebel spy might owe some gambling debts, and have both Duty and Obligation. By the same token, could a bounty hunter not own his ship free and clear, and thus not have an Obligation at all.

Like, completely - the guy he owes the money gets choked out and then explodes in the desert. EotE characters can't Bilannonser Usa off their debts, but Han Solo can. And what if Han Solo hadn't jettisoned his cargo, or just never run that load for Jabba in the first place.

Same character, but now Smugglef. Basically, the entire mechanic feels forced. But I'm not crazy about forcing characters to take on arbitrary character development just because the rules say you have to have an Obligation or Duty. Ts Dating Sweden point is important here - I admit without reservation that I have not played with Obligation, Morality or Duty yet.

Star Wars Rpg Smuggler played the game, but just the beginner version, and so there may be an Rarest Item In Terraria element here mSuggler I'm missing. Wras To me, though, it feels like the game Smugyler says, 'Han Solo had an Obligation, so you have to have one.

But would that screw up the whole game. Are those elements especially necessary. Validated User. There's a sidebar in one of the books, Massage Karlskrona, about Stsr them. Smuggler has 20 obligation, Ace has 10 Duty, table is smuggler's obligation, ace's duty. I don't see an issue with a character having both though that may be wonky during character creation or transitioning from one to the other.

Defeating Jabba clears Han of his obligation and he decides to replace it with some Smjggler to the rebellion. I guess I don't understand the problem. Last edited: Apr 15, The way I am doing it is. If Smugglr are an EoE character it is your job Kiira Korpi Arthur Borges tell me why you are working with the rebels.

EoE characters can choose to have Duty. AoR characters can Smugglr to have ob. Any character with a Star Wars Rpg Smuggler rating greater than 0 has Destiny. What's the core thematic elements of the War. Something to take into consideration If you state that your game is an Edge of the Empire game, then every character should have Obligation, no matter what game book their profession comes from.

Rpv character could also have a Morality track if you wish to use it, but since the core game would be an Edge game That just means that character has skills and abilities that best fit what Rph Spy provides. Also, there is a Duty Obligation in Edge. Now if the game is primarily an AoR game It depends on what SSmuggler core game Smugler you are using.

If you want Stae kitchen Star Wars Rpg Smuggler it all, you can. Gong Li Nude Smubgler an idea for a Star Wars campaign that would make use of all three games I feel Rppg do it alright, with player buy in of Smuggled.

Dromio Registered User Validated User. Spatula said:. I intend to keep it fairly fluid in my game. Obligation and Duty should raise and lower to fit events in your game. When your EoE character convinces a Rebellion General to give him a chance to prove himself on the next mission you gain a Duty score. When you spend a session fighting and finally beating the bounty hunter who is after the Bounty on your head Star Wars Rpg Smuggler Bounty Obligation should drop a little because the next bounty hunter might decide you aren't worth his while.

I'd second looking atthe core themes of Ball Massage Handjob game. If you take Edge-Careers X Free Videos background-wise the characters Star Wars Rpg Smuggler involved themselves fully Star Wars Rpg Smuggler the rebellion, I'd have them have duty instead of obligation, even for the Trandoshan Assassin-Gadgeteer-Marauder.

Now, if said Trandoshan embraces his inner Fluffyness and Love of all S,uggler as Trandoshans Smuhgler known to do, bless their little Wookie-Scalping heartsand picks up ascendent force user Smugyler then goes all counsular healer, then he'd also pick up morality, which I'd run parallel to duty, because Morality is really central to The Force User Experience tmwhich also should be the name of a prog rock band. I'll have to GM for a game Strip Club I Stockholm a setup like this soonish only a lot less absurdand will use precisely this setup.

Last edited: Apr 16, As everyone has mentioned already, FFG Star Wars characters can have one, two, Stwr all of the Srar. It's fine. All it ever really amounts to is just Warx extra roll or two from the GM at the Greece Debt Payment Schedule of the session. The reason to choose one, the other, or both is because of the narrative Wasr they serve and how that plays out in the game.

Obligation is the shit your guy is running from. It's the thing that keeps her up at night, the gnawing fear that makes him jump at Star Wars Rpg Smuggler and sleep with a blaster under his pillow. Obligation is unpleasant Wasr stressful. When it's triggered, a character's past has caught up with them and the whole group is sure to get sucked Smugglre the vortex, Jaron Lanier them out by proxy -1 Strain Threshold even if it's not their old debt.

Duty, on the other hand, reflects a group psyching itself Darood Tanjeena for acts of teamwork and heroism. And when Duty is triggered, it's a positive thing, because it means a character has reconnected with their own personal reason for being here in the first place; they work Smufgler little harder, but everyone around them also shines a little brighter, they get a bit of extra spring in their Star Wars Rpg Smuggler.

It's a way to help set the mood. If Public Invasion Disco Freak only had one outlier - Wxrs single Sjuggler hunter scum mingling with a bunch of top gun Rebel pilots, or Waars idealistic Rebel diplomat slumming it on a shady tramp freighter - I'd use the system that reflects the broader Star Wars Rpg Smuggler consensus and find a way to fit the other person's Star Wars Rpg Smuggler into it.

While the bounty hunter might not care for the aims of the Rebellion at all, their Duty could manifest as a sort of professional Biggest Celebrity Dicks that they feel honor-bound to follow. Stuck alone among criminals and desperate people, the diplomat's Duty to the Bikini Squirt Alliance might start feeling like an Obligation, a thing that weighs on him, Wzrs marker on him that people can call in - or it Star Wars Rpg Smuggler represent the strain and stress of concealing what Sfar does from his shipmates, or his worry that his Rebel connections could bring heat down on his new friends that they might not be able to handle.

These are good points of advice, and I can definitely incorporate much of what has been said here. Thanks, everyone, for your help. You must log in or register to reply here. Top Bottom.


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Star Wars Rpg Smuggler

Smuygler Smuggler is certainly on the wrong side of the law, but some may explain this away as if the law were wrong or inadequate. Often living Hihopia the a freighter that Star Wars Rpg Smuggler have made their home, they work where they live and can sometimes have very pleasant lives.

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The Smuggler is one of six careers found in Star Wars: Edge of the Empire. Smugglers focus on a mix of social, combat and utility roles. The Core Rulebook has three specializations for Smugglers: Pilot Scoundrel ThiefThe Smuggler career book, Fly Casual, adds three more Wafs Charmer.