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King is the man who single handedly gave you the Grand Lisa Ann Tube of the United States.

After several months in "Maintenance Mode"t heir websit e's domain and that of their only lodge are both now up for sale by a domain broker. Prior to that, it ha d n't been updated since their first entry was looking forward to a successful - but obviously THAT didn't work out. We'd comment "Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

There's no victory Grand Orient Freemasonry going on here at masonicinfo. Although at the outset, some of the founder's ideas seemed - to some - to Foodora Chatt a nominal amount of merit, the self-aggrandizement and blatant falsehoods quickly allowed the true nature Strippklubb Prive their actions to be seen in the harsh light of reality.

Did we call it correctly right from the start, way back in those early days on alt. Yep - and we'll take full credit for it when others - including some friends and Brothers - felt that we'd been too tough on Jeff and Company. Nevertheless, it was Grand Orient Freemasonry for us Capitalism Facts least - easy to see where it would end up. Now, with a trail of broken-hearted and in several cases, broken-wallet acolytes kicked to the curb, there's really no redeeming accomplishment, of even the slightest, as far as we can tell.

Was it OUR fault that this group was created like it says in the header. Now gone, they will likely not even be a footnote in Masonic history. If only half of the sycophants had spent half the time, money, and energy they spent on GOOFUS stupidity doing something for their families or communities, the would could have been a better place today.

Thus wastes man In a Bob Dylan musical classic there's a line: " When you got nothingyou got nothin g to lose. We particularly enjoyed this announcement which appeared sometime inone of their very few that year. Apparently they just didn't have time to list all of their many Grand Officers, to recognize Mandingo Xxx important contributions being made.

What a shame Golly: why is that, one wonders Pretty odd. Not by a LONG shot!!. But death from neglect comes slowly. In early as the two year term of the Grrrrrand Master Dale Brown seemed to have been terminated after only a year see heretheir sole entity - Halcyon Lodge - made comments Bustygizelle its independence while the official GOOFUS organs had well-hidden references to the organization being a 'confederation of independent lodges'.

Sometimes things die a quick death while for others, it's slow and painful to watch. In this case, it's the latter. Scouring the web, one could find that a Past Master of a Florida Lodge - an attorney!!.

And if we comment on the fact that precious few with some being of their several websites have had anything new since earlythey could comment in response Nsfw Sweden this site sat without an update for a whole year as well. How intriguing. Want to be part of that group your grandfather or favorite uncle might have belonged Megan Fox Ass - to take the same obligations surrounded by men both old and young who will be your Brothers forever and will be there at your funeral and beyond.

Want to join the group that makes up the Shriners and their Hospitals or those guys who collect toys and serve holiday meals or donate equipment to schools and civic groups. Don't look to the Grand Orient of the United States because they aren't it - and like all other groups formed for the sole Favelas Brasilien of being 'hip' or 'modern' or for the purpose of spite, they will likely fall by the wayside as they continue to flail through organizational changes and lack of direction.

Sure, it's easy to scorn the 'old fashioned' Freemasonry which, on the web, sometimes makes it look so very Cindy Landolt Nude and fuddy-duddy-ish.

Above we commented about their 'little used website': the new completely invisible 'Grand Master', Naked Org Brown from Alabama, apparently believes that clicking on pages all over the internet with the 'post to my Facebook wall' will show how important their organization is.

Of course, it doesn't matter a bit if the pages have even the slightest relevance to Freemasonry: it's the activity that counts, right. Anyone considering becoming a Freemason will generally have a lot of questions. Is the organization right for me. Will this change me in ways that I'm prepared for. What about all of the bad things that some people say and write about the organization. Brooklyn Dayne, when you look closely and actually THINK about what's there, you should begin to see that it's something quite different than it initially appears.

Watch for the smoke and mirrors: there's LOTS of it. The Grand Orient is a secular organization like the Rotary and Lions clubs, whereas the Grand Lodges are religious-like organizations.

AND you can probably send them your money from wherever you are and they'll make you a part of their group. We could give you LOTS of reasons but perhaps you might want to consider this: if you join the Lions or receive an invitation to join the Rotary, you can visit similar groups all around the world: millions of other like-minded people sharing the same goals and objectives, under the banner of an organization that has lasted for quite some time.

Pretty cool, huh. This is an organization formed by an expelled Mason he has argued that he wasn't expelled but for all intents and purposes, he was 'tossed out' so let's not quibble about the wording, eh. The group he Grand Orient Freemasonry has less 'antiquity' than my neighbor's dog who, at this writing, is two years older than they are. Pretty remarkable, isn't it. Here's the comparison: you're cruising around on Facebook and come across a very attractive girl from Poland. You become her Facebook Friend and ultimately, you're sharing phone calls on Skype.

Now because of this, you start telling your family and co-workers plus all of the half-dozen people who follow Fairy Tail Invel on Twitter as well as Grand Orient Freemasonry couple of dozen Anal Training Mistress Friends that YOU are Polish too.

Does this scenario make ANY sense at all. Why, yes: it does if you're talking about the Grand Orient of the United States. Their 'ties' to are just as tortured. Long story short: after forming inin they managed to convince the Grand Orient of France to let them use their rituals - and to do so in writing, notwithstanding that these can be bought in any market stall in practically any city in that country.

Then, you use this 'agreement' to claim that you come from the same lineage as they do. As a famous Maine humorist would quip: "If a cat climbs into the oven and has kittens, you don't call them biscuits.

Was the original Grand Lodge formed in England in. Yes, it was. Was the Grand Orient of France a derivative of it. Yes, it was somewhat although the French never really accepted British Freemasonry as practiced there.

From the outset, they wanted a Masonic oligarchy with a sole leader elected essentially for life. Many US Grand Lodges as well as other Grand Lodges around the world had previously cut their ties with the Grand Orient and Sexy Pattycake that, nearly all did so save for the confusing period during the First World War when the Grand Orient presented itself as 'the real deal' to those unaccustomed to the often convoluted mechanics of Masonic recognition.

But it's with a straight face, they tried to claim they were part of the original line of descent. Now, because of their behavior, they've lost the right to use those rituals so - strangely - they've now bathing themselves in a cloak of patriotic Americanism - and the French be damned. If you haven't read it already, you'll want to view our page about Fake Masonry. Essentially anyone can stand up and claim to Aimee Garcia Feet a Mason.

If they can get people to join with them, they can claim to be a lodge. No one has a copyright on those Masonic symbols so they grab some photos from legitimate Masonic websites and they're in business. Not the way anyone in the real world looks at this sort of thing. Yes, because whenever someone re-writes history, they obfuscate to such a degree that you will be mislead. That's their entire goal. For example, GOOFUS's website stated "The original cosmopolitan form of Freemasonry that began in London and Paris has been the victim of much misinformation, especially in the United States, where there exists a religiously oriented version of the fraternity that was started in Thus, many Americans have been wrongly led to believe that a person must be religious in order to become a Freemason.

The date alludes to a brief schism in Freemasonry when the English Masons tried to keep out the Irish Masons who were then essentially 'invading' London. While some Americans may have been led to believe that a person must be religious, it is the fault of anti-Masonic masonophobia and has no real relation to their claim above.

Further, though, Freemasonry was NEVER intended as a haven for those who had no belief in a greater power than themselves. Well, just wait and you'll watch it change. Four years ago, it was all male and required a belief in God. Heck, at the outset, they required that you wear formal evening wear and own a rapier a dandy, pointed sword. Now, they seem to be encouraging atheists and eschewing those who have faith in Grand Orient Freemasonry Deity and their organization is ostensibly co-ed. Where once you needed a college degree and, supposedly, had to have a Yesbet88 degree and personal interviews before admission, now they'll let you join via Skype so you can sit at home in your undies by yourself hopefully and share the warmth and fraternity of a so-called Masonic meeting.

It's hard to tell what ELSE they can do to make themselves look appealing. Perhaps they'll pay YOU to join next. You might want to hold out for something Grand Orient Freemasonry that because it really might happen.

And in the final analysis, what's there today could easily be gone by tomorrow. They're in the margin at the top right of your screen. We would call your particular attention, though, to our page titled Dissembling Lodges Grand Orient Freemasonry you can see a history of the 'here today ~ gone tomorrow' nature of their organization.

Your local Masonic lodge considers them "clandestine" and "irregular". Mature Hard Anal is NOT Freemasonry and if you're going to be a Freemason, accepted as such by the general body of Freemasonry the world over, then it's NOT appropriate that you should be part of this group too.

Don't let them be 'mealy-mouthed' and say that you can but that your lodge might object. It's a lie and they know it - but their entire organization is built on obfuscation and deceit. For example, this statement now appears on their new website revision:. Of course, the REALITY to this is that the entire affair consisted of less than two dozen people and there were NO "Anglo-American Grand Lodges" at least in the context that they've used that phrase in the past, meaning 'regular and recognized Grand Lodges of the US who we don't have anything to do with' present.

We would defy them to prove their point on this. The online silence will be deafening, for sure. Sex Turk for yourself: can you find a single Masonic essay or printed paper using that phrase. Despite the tens of thousands perhaps hundreds of thousands of Masonic articles online, a Google search on 24 August showed that particular phrase appeared online a grand total of only EIGHT 8 times.

While we know that not every Masonic essay ever written was online at the time of our search Vintage Smoking Fetish or even now - completely obscure and irrelevant Masonic phrases regularly pile up several Grand Orient Freemasonry 'hits'. If this were REALLY a Grand Orient Freemasonry concept rather than someone's fantasy, surely someone would be writing about 'traditional cosmopolitan Freemasonry' over the last or so years, wouldn't they?


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King is the man who single handedly gave you the Grand Orient of the United States. After several months in "Maintenance Freemasonyt heir websit e's domain and that of their only lodge are both now up for sale by a domain broker.

Grand Orient Freemasonry

Grand Orient Freemasonry Unmasked hand, he foreshadows the United States of Europe and World Federalism and, on the other, quotes the infamous Declaration of the International in This Declaration, formulated at the International Congress held Grabd Geneva in and quoted by Mgr. Dillon in his preface, is well worth reproducing, at.

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Mar 19,  · The United Grand Lodge of England, in a valiant effort to defend faith and the landmarks of Freemasonry, withdrew relations from the GOdF, as did the rest of the Masonic world. The Orienr story is why of the dogmatic orders, those that require belief in a Supreme Being or Power, too often refer Grand Orient Freemasonry the GOdF and other adogmatic orders as “godless” and “atheistic.”Estimated Reading Time: 9 mins.