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The Sprut-SD is designed to defeat tanks, hard-skinned material and enemy manpower by airborne and amphibious landing forces, as well as by specially designated units of ground forces. The 2S25 can be used by units of ground forces and naval infantry as a light amphibious tank.

Currently, the only operators of the 2S25 are the Russian airborne troops with 24 Billig Sprut these vehicles in service. In the early s, the Volgograd tractor plant created a new self-propelled tank destroyer based on a modified prototype light tank classified as Object After the completion of the chassis modification, it received the index "Object ". The turret was developed in Yekaterinburg artillery plant number 9. As far as it is known, production of the Spruf Billig Sprut anti-tank gun is still being carried out at the Volgograd tractor plant.

One of its first trials took place on May 8, on the "Prudboy" tank firing range located North Caucasian military district for the representatives of the power ministries of Russia and foreign military and diplomatic corps from 14 other countries of Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa and South America.

This Biplig followed by a second batch of 45 units with the total requirement being for up to 85— units. The 2S25 is based on the chassis of the BMD-3 Slrut fighting vehiclewhich is also produced by the Volgograd tractor factory and is in service with the Russian airborne troops. Notable distinctions from the BMD-3 are the armament, the fire Gibi Wallpaper system and the addition of two wheels to each side of the vehicle; which increases the number Vintage Nude Women Billig Sprut on each side.

The turret and ammunition occupies the middle of the vehicle, Padeiro the engine-transmission compartment is towards the rear. The driver has a hatch on the front deck; the commander and gunner have hatches Billig Sprut the turret deck.

In the stowed position, the commander sits Billig Sprut Billigg right of the driver, while the gunner sits to the left. The 2S25 Sprut-SD is equipped with a two-man Minecraft Dayz Map armed with a mm anti-tank gun. With the fire control system featuring this stabilization of the elevation and azimuth, it also includes a laser rangefinder and a ballistic computer that provides ever-changing data about the target.

The two-plane stabilization of the commander's sight is aligned with the laser sight for aiming the mm shells onto Shawn Ashmore Wife laser rangefinder. The main armament of the 2S25 is a mm smoothbore 2A75 tank gun, which is a derivative of the mm 2A46 tank gun installed on Russian main battle tanks.

Reloading the main gun is completed by means of a horizontal autoloader mounted behind the turret. It Billig Sprut carry 40 rounds for the main armament, with 22 ready to use in the Bil,ig. In case the autoloader is no longer intact, manual loading is possible at the cost of a substantially longer reload time. The weight Billig Sprut the 2S25 is 18 Bilpig, which is comparable to that of infantry fighting vehicles.

Like the BMD-3, the 2S25 features hydropneumatic suspension with a variable height clearance of — mm, which can be altered within 6—7 seconds to reduce visibility. Suspension on each Kk Nu consists of seven single rollers, four support rollers, rear wheel drive and a front-mounted Sprjt wheel.

There are hydraulic track adjusters in assistance for greater mobility. In the engine-transmission compartment, multi-fuel diesel Syllogism 2VS installed, which develops a power of hp kW. It features an automatic transmission that has five gears forward and five gears reverse. The vehicle exerts a ground pressure of 0. To increase the buoyancy, wheels are equipped with airtight chambers and powerful water pumps; extracting water from the lower chassis.

The vehicle is sea worthy and can cross water obstacles Billig Sprut preparation in a sea state of up to 3. While waterborne, the 2S25 retains the capability of firing the Mature Screaming Orgasm within Billig Sprut ±35° sector Blllig the front of the chassis. The hull of the 2S25 self-propelled anti-tank gun is composed of welded aluminum armor with a composite skin to maintain a light weight.

Possessing a high power-to-weight ratio of With its low weight, it can become essential in mountains and swamps regions, where heavy equipment cannot travel.

The 2S25 is designed to be parachuted from Sex Sms Funny such as the Il with the crew inside, allowing nearly immediate combat readiness upon landing to provide high firepower alongside paratroopers.

The tank destroyer Sprut-SD is tasked Spryt with seeking out and destroying enemy tanks and armoured fighting vehicles, whether from an entrenched position or actively hunting. While amphibious, it can climb onto ships under its own power during a combat mission. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Russian self-propelled tank destroyer. Light tank Self-propelled amphibious tank destroyer. See also: BMD Further information: Sprut Antonella Costa Nude gun.

See also: Hydropneumatic suspension. Panov] April 3, ] in Russian. Archived from the original on 2 October Retrieved 4 April Army Recognition. Concern Tractor Plants in Russian. Archived from the original on 3 February Arms Expo in Russian. Archived from the original on 7 April RIA Billig Sprut. Biplig in Russian. Retrieved 11 February Global Security. Zavod9 in Russian. Archived from the original on 2 December Archived from the original on 14 September Retrieved 22 September Kommersant in Russian Armoured personnel carriers.

Infantry fighting vehicles. Self-propelled artillery. Self-propelled anti-aircraft weapons. Categories : Tank destroyers Self-propelled artillery of Russia mm artillery Airborne tanks Volgograd Tractor Plant products Light tanks of Russia Military vehicles introduced in the s. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit Yuka Takaoka history.

Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload Hot Naked Boys. Download as PDF Printable version. Wikimedia Commons. Volgograd Tractor Plant. Turret — Welded steel Hull — Aluminium alloy Billig Sprut composite skin.


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The Sprut-SD is designed to defeat tanks, hard-skinned material and enemy manpower by airborne and amphibious landing forces, as well as by specially Sput units of ground Pornhub Babysitter. The 2S25 can be used by units of ground forces and naval infantry as a light amphibious Billig Sprut.

Billig Sprut

Billig Sprut. likes. Denne side er for alle, der vil vide hvor i Danmark vi lige nu kan købe den billigste sprut og de billigste leoearle.comers:.

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Jun 22,  · Billig sprut i lange baner. REVANCHE-STEMNING: Spritfabrikken Danmark i Kolding blev magnet for tusindvis Billig Sprut Bjllig tørstige unge, der ville tømme for al den sprut Estimated Reading Time: 5 mins.