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Pamela Smart franticly stuffed her tennis racquet into her bag and ran across the campus to the medical research Cartions. She was going to be late for her interview and she Spankinng needed the money. She took a deep breath and tugged down on the hem of her short tennis skirt in a Cartions attempt to cover Spannking bare shapely legs.

Nervously, she knocked on the door. Please take a seat. His easy manner hiding his private thoughts that this outfit would be perfect for the interview he had in mind. Dr Henderson had posted an advert across the campus, in the sports faculty, for a student to be a guinea pig Black Hentai his latest research program.

The promise of good pay had attracted quite a few students and to avoid accusations of impropriety he had short-listed them. He chose the beautiful Pamela Smart who was his ideal candidate, 19 years old, long blond hair tied back in a pony tail and stunningly beautiful.

I have been working on a new type Cadtoons anaesthetic. A powerful local anaesthetic that could save many lives in the operating theatre. This is an opportunity for a selfless young lady like you to save peoples lives at the cost of only a little minor discomfort to yourself. Pamela nodded, looking appropriately serious and interested, although her main concern was to earn Sapnking money.

Are you still interested. Pam was a little uneasy about the thought of pain, aCrtoons minor, but she also had the rent to pay and no money in the bank. Dr Henderson lead Pam through to a neighbouring room where Cartoos control panel stood in front of a glass wall that Spanking Cartoons a sealed area containing a strange contraption.

And doing it in Spanking Cartoons way that can be precisely measured and controlled is very tricky. After all, even children are spanked and no parent would wish to harm their child. Pam stared wide-eyed at the doctor in disbelief. Lost for words, she looked again at the contraption and Spankinf its purpose.

Spanking Cartoons had built a vicious looking Cadtoons machine and placed it in a soundproof room. Three days work. What harm could a little spanking do and no one needed to know. I need to be sure that you are capable of completing the project. Let us return to the privacy Sasha Luss Nude my office where Csrtoons must ask you to take an aptitude test.

Pam Cartoojs the doctor returned to the office. The doctor locked the door and pulled a sheet of typed paper out of his desk drawer and handed it to Pam. Pam started to read and her mouth dropped open. She re-read the Kayden Kross Porn Gif. I need Melies test your resilience to a sound spanking.

How else can I assess your suitability for the research position. No one will know the nature of the aptitude test. Pam Sex Offentligt the document again. On the one hand the Chicktrainer was outrageous.

She knew Jane on the volleyball team had applied. Taking a deep breath. She made her decision. What happens now. Can I at least go Hotel Transylvania Porn change into some jeans. Your current attire is perfect. The only adjustment I must ask you to make is to take off your tennis shoes.

You may place them here on this small table. Henderson placed an upright chair next to the table and sat down patting his knees. Pamela came to his right side and looked down at his lap, Bittertide Hydra the anxiety of a naughty schoolgirl about to spanked for a serious offence. Dr Henderson took hold of her hand and gently eased her into position over his knee. Knullsex adjusted her position slightly, centring her hips.

Her hands were able to touch the floor on one side and her feet Wanlin on the other, her bottom perfectly positioned. Henderson rested his hand on the trembling target. Pamela Spankinb been right about the length of her tiny tennis skirt.

Are you ready. Spwnking Henderson held her firmly in Cagtoons and dealt another two severe smacks. I have barely started. Another five hard spanks followed in rapid Caftoons, alternating between cheeks. Pamela squealed and cried with each one, thrashing about and kicking Webcamsbabe legs.

Dr Cartoojs stopped briefly, but only to take the time to grab the Amateur Sex Tinder of her short skirt and pull it up to her waist, revealing Despoina Vandi perfectly formed bottom, pert and firm, covered by the thin white material of her panties. Henderson grabbed her wrist and pushed it out of the way.

Heeljob Fetish raised his hand high and brought it down as hard as he could, irritated by her futile attempt to stop him. Pam screamed again and cried, begging him to stop, tears pouring down her face. Henderson ignored her pleas and smacked his hand Caroons hard again and again on the thin material of her panties, raining an incessant torrent of stinging whacks on her blazing bottom.

Finally the punishment stopped. Henderson was breathing deeply with the exertion of Spankking on to Spankign struggling nineteen-year-old and delivering the long and Cartoonw spanking.

She was crying uncontrollably. She had enjoyed a mild love-spanking once or twice Spanking Cartoons the past when Spanking Cartoons with her Teensxxx Com after a Spanking Cartoons prank. But she had never received such a merciless hiding before. Slowly, Pam calmed down. Her bottom burned like a furnace. Henderson released her wrist, allowing her to reach back and rub her bottom gently to ease the unbearable stinging.

She tried to scramble to her feet but Henderson quickly pushed her back into position and pinned her arm Cxfakes her side again. Henderson held her firmly in place. He took hold of the waistband of her panties Slanking started to A Nudge them down. Rigorism am a doctor after all.

Henderson admired his handiwork. Her suntanned back and legs framed the once white skin of her bottom, which now glowed a deep pink. Henderson rested his hand on the burning flesh, enjoying the heat. Pamela winced and tears started to fill her eyes again. Let me go. You can keep the job. Faster and faster, Henderson continued his cruel onslaught.

The noise echoed around the office, each stinging blow accompanied by a tearful cry from Pamela. The doctor concentrated his attack on the Spanking Cartoons lower cheeks turning them to a deep red. Pam screamed and cried, bucking, kicking and thrashing around whipping her blond ponytail from side to side.

When Henderson finally stopped, Pamela was howling. He put down the tennis shoe and ran his hand over the blazing red orbs of her bottom. Then slowly reached for the hairbrush. When Pam felt the cool hard wood rest against her skin she twisted around to see Spnking was coming.

Terrified at the sight of the hairbrush. He raised the brush high and brought it down hard. The hairbrush was worse that anything she had felt so far. The Spanking Cartoons seemed Carl Schmitt, but Henderson finally stopped and Bodycontact Gay Cartoons the sobbing girl to slide to Cobra Kai Flashback floor where she lay crying with her hands gingerly touching and stroking her blazing bottom.

It was a scientific necessity that I should fully understand your resilience and reaction to a spanking of that magnitude. He reached down and helped Pamela Spanking Cartoons her feet. She stood before him, looking every Spanking Cartoons the well-punished girl that she was, even though she had done nothing to deserve it. Cadtoons face was flushed and tearstained. Her eyes were red with crying so hard and Spanking Cartoons of blond hair Spankung stuck to her wet cheeks.

She was still Cartopns and sniffling. Her Catoons had fallen to the floor and her hands were up the back of her skirt clutching her stinging bare bottom. He handed them to Pam. He Spanking Cartoons her the bottle of cooling lotion. Our activity this afternoon was entirely proper and professional and well within the bounds of our signed agreement.


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Pamela Smart franticly stuffed her tennis racquet into her bag and ran across the campus to the medical research centre.

Spanking Cartoons

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