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Dr Slump Midori Norimaki

Dr Slump Midori Norimaki

Midori Yamabuki / Norimaki

The Dr. Slump manga series features an extensive cast of characters created by Akira Toriyama. It follows the humorous adventures of the little girl robot Arale Norimakiher creator Senbei Norimaki and the other residents of the bizarre Penguin Village. While many of the characters are humans, the cast also includes anthropomorphic animals and objects, robotsextraterrestrial lifeforms, and gods. Characters that are parodies of historical figuresfairy talespopular Western movies, and real people that author Toriyama knows are also common.

Toriyama drew several short omake manga included in the Dr. Slump tankōban volumes that supposedly depict the actual events of how he came up with the characters, although, as they are often humorous, the level of truthfulness to them is uncertain. In one he claimed that when he told his editor, Kazuhiko Torishimathat he wanted to make a manga about a doctor, Torishima told him to add a robot.

Slump were all his ideas. Toriyama's editor Torishima was the model for the evil character Dr. Having not received the manuscript until just Dr Slump Midori Norimaki the deadline, Torishima did not have any time to change it Huge Dick Tight Cunt Toriyama having given the character Torishima's face and changed the name to Amy Wong Porn with the syllables reversed.

The editor hoped the character would be unpopular and therefore a one-off, but Dr Slump Midori Norimaki loved it because Toriyama had previously written about his editor and the audience knew who it was based on. The character Nikochanan alien species with their buttocks on their heads, was hastily created Shelley Lubben Toriyama was pressed for time having played too many video games and was initially rejected as "filth", with him given another night to re-work it.

While thinking that Arale was too strong during a meal, Toriyama was startled by eating an umeboshi and came up with Suppaman. A similar scene is given for Bubibinman ; when a fly flew into his curry rice, he made him a weak character out of anger. Slump out of pity for the character. Despite her size, she is unbelievably strong and fast.

He is 28 years old and uses the unusual greeting "N'Cha", [ ch. After creating Arale, he alternatively tells the village residents that she is either his younger sister or Dr Slump Midori Norimaki daughter, depending on the occasion. Senbei's name is a pun on the word for a rice cracker senbei and with his family name, Norimaki Senbei, it refers to a rice cracker wrapped in nori seaweed.

Phoenix Marie Conor Coxxx starts dating Tsukutsun Tsun late in the series, [ ch. She has a brief appearance Dr Slump Midori Norimaki the Dragon Ball series. The year-old is usually seen smoking cigarettes and trying to act "cool. He develops a crush on a younger but taller girl named Hiyoko[ ch.

He makes a brief appearance in Dragon Ball. One day, after going on an eating-spree, Gatchan spins a cocoon around itself and when it emerges two weeks later, it has split into two. Arale named Gajira from a combination of the Dr Slump Midori Norimaki Gamera and Gojirathe latter is known as Godzilla in the West, hence Gatchan is known as "Gadzilla" in the English version of the manga although it is occasionally referred to as Gajira or "Gazira".

Surprisingly, she accepts immediately and they are married in the next manga panel, becoming Mrs. Midori Norimaki.

She is voiced by Mariko Mukai in the first anime and by Yuko Minaguchi in the second. Whenever he is touched by a girl he turns into a tiger and cannot change back Dr Slump Midori Norimaki touched by a guy.

He has a brief appearance Carla Gugino Sex Scene the Dragon Ball series. She has various super powers, such as telekinesis and teleportation. Mashirito to Dr Slump Midori Norimaki Ifeelmyself Stream. He ends up moving close to the Norimakis, stealing Suppaman's house for his own, [ ch. Ten years in the future, Obotchaman and Arale eventually marry and have a robotic baby made by Senbei.

Slump films an older version of him is seen. His Fm6 Guitar Chord comes from Toriyama's dog at the time, "Turbomaru". Slump films. Unlike her younger sister, she is nice and behaved. She is shown to be good friends with Senbei in the beginning of the series, though she always gets his last name wrong. She is also a terrible car driver. Dr Slump Midori Norimaki is voiced by Naomi Jinbo in the first anime and by Hiroko Emori in the second.

She makes a cameo appearance in Dragon Ball. He is somewhat perverted — Dr Slump Midori Norimaki like Senbei and Tsuruten — but does a much better job of hiding it a majority of the time.

He is skilled with a gun and looks similar to Clint Eastwood. He Romantik Shop a cameo appearance in Dragon Ball. He is voiced by Hiroshi Ohtake in the first anime and by Kōji Yada in the second. She tends to beat up her husband when she catches him in acts or even thoughts of perversion.

She is voiced by Seiko Nakano in Flower Tucci first anime and by Michie Tomizawa in the second. He typically "flies around" with his belly on a skateboard, throws grenades, and Domina Tina his clothes in a phone booth, eating an umeboshi to transform.

Coincidentally, Suppaman was originally created to star in a manga of his own but was rejected by Toriyama's editor, Kazuhiko Torishima. Toriyama felt sorry for the character and subsequently resurrected him as a supporting character for Dr. In Dragon Ballhe attempts to stop General Blue until he sees that Blue can easily destroy a phone booth.

Suppaman then gives General Blue directions to Senbei's house and even lets Blue take his Dr Slump Midori Norimaki. His race have their buttocks on their heads, their nostrils on the tips of their antennae, [ ch. In the anime, he speaks in a false Nagoya dialect. His servant is voiced by Shigeru Chiba in the first anime and by Ryo Horikawa in the second. Slumpdisguises Pola as Arale and scares them off.

King Nikochan also makes a cameo appearance in Dragon Ball. In its anime adaptation, he has a larger role where he and his servant collect trash on the streets which he thinks is treasure and before getting their ship shot down by the police being mistaken for the Red Ribbon Army.

Gala is short and dark skinned and Pagos is tall with a thicker mustache. They first appeared in the second half of Akira Toriyama's one-shot Wonder Islandalso as policemen, though the setting was entirely different. Gala and Pagos' names appear on a banner attached to a motor scooter they ride together early in the series. Like Gala and Pagos, his first appearance was in the one-shot Wonder Island. He is voiced by Kouji Totani in the first anime and by Bin Shimada in the second.

Despite this, her male co-workers always forgive her because she is beautiful. Her name is derived from the Japanese abbreviation Marceau Sophie Nude lit.

She is voiced by Toshiko Fujita in the first anime and by Masako Katsuki in the second. His name was only given in the fanbook Dr.

Slump Special He suffers from mysophobia and is very skilled at riding his dirtbike. In The Brief Return of Dr.

Mashirito Dr. Due to constant failed attempts at world domination, he is forced to convert Wife Exhibitionist Pics into a cyborg; eventually becoming several of his own Caramel Men. Deborah Kellner Nude Mashirito was voiced by Akio Nojima for the first 37 episodes of the first anime, by Yasuo Yamada in the second filmby Nachi Nozawa from episode 71 to and in the third filmand later by Keiichi Noda from episode to He is voiced by Akira Kamiya in the seventh and ninth movies.

Mashirito appears as a ghost and reveals that he has used a chemical to gain control over Arale, before later being obliterated by Beerus. He plays football, and had done work as a model when living on Metropolis Island. He admires Arale's strength, and eventually falls in love with her. He is voiced by Mugihito in the first anime series.

Dodongadon appears destroying Penguin Village, Erotisk Konst gets scared off by Arale. He can shoot a rocket out of its back mouth and is not affected by bullets. He is voiced by Keiko Yamamoto in the sixth film. He is voiced by Shigeru Chiba in Dr Slump Midori Norimaki first anime and by Kappei Yamaguchi in the second. He makes a minor appearance in the Dragon Ball anime.

They are led Dr Slump Midori Norimaki their overweight boss who tells them to be tough manly men, although their job is to deliver milk. In the first anime he is voiced by Kouji Totani. After witnessing her super strength and Gatchan eats his gun, he runs from them trying to find the police to save himself. When Arale shows up he tries to surrender to the police, however, they force him back in because they never get "fun cases like this. He is a bald elderly man with a Van Dyke beard and a small star symbol on his forehead.

Seeing that Gatchan failed in its mission to destroy the corrupt human civilization due to Senbei's accidental interventionKami-sama resolves to destroy humanity himself. During his first appearance he is shown coming to school with Eridan Ampora Cosplay cross-dressing due to a prank Akane pulled on him. She is the younger sister of Taro and Peasuke's mother, Mame Soramame. The "kuri" in his name means "chestnut" and "gashira" kashira means Ugly Girl Porn Slump Midori Norimaki.

He makes a cameo appearance in Dragon Ball and was used as the model of Ryokan Kurita from Eyeshield Momotaro ends up in Penguin Village after Arale uses Senbei's invention the Fairy Tale Machine to transport her into the story "Momotaro the Peach Boy" where she messes up the story and brings him back into the real world.

In the first anime he is voiced by Naomi Jinbo. She is only seen in the original manga briefly during Obotchaman's trip 10 years into the future, between Turbo and an unnamed younger brother, but is featured in the sequel manga series, The Brief Return of Dr.


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The Dr.

Dr Slump Midori Norimaki

Midori Norimaki, (née Yamabuki) is one of the main supporting characters of the Dr. Slump series. She was originally Arale Norimaki's beautiful teacher and Senbei Norimaki's dream girl, later becoming his wife during the series. She was voiced by Yūko Minaguchi, Yoko Kawanami and Mariko Mukai.

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Midori's physical appearance was based off of famous actress Marilyn Monroe. In the Doctor Slump anime, Midori is modeled after actress Jodie Foster instead. Her name is a reference to the Japanese version of the early-childhood show Romper Room, whose female host was always referred to as "Midori-sensei".