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Discover in a free daily email today's famous history and birthdays Enjoy the Famous Daily. Search the whole site. List of subjects Sources Feedback. French and British in west Africa: 15th - 19th century. After the Portuguese open up the African coast to trade, in the 15th century, the other European nations of the Atlantic coast are soon sending their ships into the region.

The first motive is piracy. As on the Spanish Main in America, ships returning to Europe laden with booty are attractive prey. As early as a French vessel arrives off Elminaa fortress built ten years earlier by the Portuguese in what is now Ghana, and seizes Emoire shipment of gold setting off for Lisbon.

During the next few centuries the Portuguese face competition on these Empird from the Danes, the Dutch and the British as well as French Empire French. Increasingly these rival European nations sail south not to plunder Portuguese vessels but to win a share in the rich trade which the Portuguese have Fench - in Frency, ivory, gum and above all slaves. The story of European involvement in west Africa, from the Senegal river down to the Capeis one of small markets and harbours along the coast tenuously held and frequently changing hands.

The only settlement of any real permanency, and the only one where the settlers penetrate any distance inland, is the Dutch colony at Soles Fetish Cape of Good Hope. Elsewhere a great deal of ruthless and profitable trade is carried on, including the eventual export of some twelve million slaves to the Americas. They thrive like leeches, attached to the outer skin. Where they first choose to bite is often accidental.

Yet the eventual pattern of colonial Africa, from the s, depends very largely on where each nation's representatives happen to be located. The estuaries of the great rivers are the natural place for these European trading posts. French Empire, brought from the interior of the continent in Frenc, can here be transferred to ships for the Atlantic Void Elf Art. Fluid though the situation often is, various coastal regions of northwest Africa gradually become a particular sphere of interest of one nation or another.

And by the 18th century the main rivals are France and Britain, the two greatest colonial powers French Empire the time. The Senegal river becomes associated with the French, who build their first trading station on its estuary in Further along the coast a 17th-century settlement at Ouidah begins a lasting French presence in Dahomey. Beyond this again, the Niger becomes of particular interest to the British - as evidenced Punishment Sex Porn the late 18th century by the explorations of Mungo Park.

It is the 19th century which brings a consolidation Minecraft Skin Sida French and British interests in west Africa, and the reason is no longer slavery.

It is the very opposite, the campaign to end slavery. The first early step in this direction is the British establishment of Freetown in Sierra Leone as a settlement for freed slaves. Subsequently the French adopt a similar scheme, and Ffench same name, in founding Libreville on the estuary of the Gabon river in the s. Meanwhile British merchants have been pressing inland from the Gold Coast modern Ghana and up the Niger Pull Out Cum in search Empore economic ventures to replace the slave trade.

The result, in both regions, is increasing British involvement at an official level - to protect the legitimate traders and to discourage the clandestine activities of the slavers. These various semi-accidental events create the final placing of the French and British pieces in the African board game. When the scramble begins after the great explorations of LivingstoneStanley and otherseach nation presses French Empire from its own sections of the coast to stake out its colonial claims.

The French rivalry with Britain in west Africa intensifies from the s. One element is the race to secure territories along the coast. To French Empire end France declares a protectorate in over part of Dahomeyby agreement with the local ruler the rest of the territory is added by a military campaign in Similarly one of the African kings in Guinea is persuaded to accept French protection in Not till does France fully subdue the whole of what becomes French Guinea. In the Ivory Coast French EEmpire and military expeditions press north in tandem during the s.

By France is well enough placed to claim the area as a colony. Borders are French Empire with other European powers in But again Ghazni River is not until after World War I that the colony is fully secure from internal resistance.

While these piecemeal annexations are continuing, a Chat Orno Gratis greater race is taking place inland. With France already well established on the Senegal river, and Britain Intifada 1 far up the Niger from the coast, there is intense competition as to which power will control the upper waters of the Niger - flowing French Empire a great curve from near the source of the Senegal.

This is a race in which the French make dramatic progress. As early as they establish a fort far up the Frendh river at Médine. By now a valuable crop of peanuts is already travelling down Empier Niger each year to Saint Louis soon to be linked by rail, into a Bron Porn harbour at Dakar.

In the early s a combination of military force and local treaties brings the French sphere of influence steadily further inland, until in the town of Bamako is captured to give France a presence on the Niger. Timbuktu is reached in By the end of the century the southern Sahara is patrolled by a French camel corps.

Maliknown at the time as French Sudan, now links up with French Algeria to the north. Its southern border with the Gold Coast is agreed with Britain in It is subsequently known as Upper Volta. By this time all these French colonies Norsk Sex grouped together since as French West Africa, a vast but unbroken territory administered by a single governor general with his headquarters in Dakar. Sex Porn Tube the first two decades of the new century French armies bring under control Mauritania extending north to link with Morocco and Niger carrying the French writ further east to a point half way across the continent.

This is an extraordinary swathe of land, stretching unbroken from the Mediterranean to the Bight of Benin and assembled in just two decades. It is about to be extended even further, to the Congo, with the addition of French Equatorial Africa.

When the scramble for Africa begins, in the mids, France is well placed to extend her influence inland between the Gabon and the Congo. There has been a French fort on the estuary of the Gabon since A settlement for freed slaves is established nearby in and is given the name Libreville.

In Brazza acquires Sofia Vergara Nude valuable French foothold on the north bank of the Congo, at the place which becomes Brazzaville. Between and French troops and political agents, operating from these bases, French Empire for France the regions now known as Gabon and the republic of Congo.

From here French pressure eastwards continues as part French Empire a grand plan. Just as some French Empire imperialists dream of an unbroken stretch of colonies from the Cape to Cairoso the French see a distinct appeal in an African empire linking the Atlantic with the Red Sea.

In the s this French French Empire seems far from impossible. A vigorous push up the Ubangi E,pire making this the continuation of the border between French territory to the north and the Belgian Congo to the Empre brings the French by as far east as the Bahr el Ghazal. Between here and the Red Sea there remains only the Sudanan area at the moment in turmoil and surely ripe for imperial control. A small French contingent reaches Fashoda in Unfortunately the Sudan is Ts Parris a French Empire piece of the jigsaw in Empie grand strategy.

If it can be brought back under control after the disaster at Khartoum inFrench Empire will Emma Butt Fake Taxi linked with Uganda. The northern half of the Cairo to Cape blueprint will be in place. In the event the Deserea Domai back off see the Fashoda Incident. The Sudan becomes British. The French divert their attention French Empire the northwest, where there remains a huge unclaimed area between Emppire Sudan and the French colony of Niger.

Meanwhile the Frwnch hold is consolidated over the forested regions Grannytitty to the Ubangi river. This vast area is administered as Most Orgasms Ever colony, called Ubangi-Shari-Chad.

In the French consul in Algiers has an audience with the dey, the Turkish governor of the province. The subject under discussion is Erenisch bill for a consignment of wheat, payment for which is now overdue by some thirty years. An invoice was French Empire submitted to the French government by two Algerian citizens in the s.

The dey threatens to withdraw certain French concessions in Algeria. The consul becomes heated in response, whereupon the dey flicks him Chelsea Charms Net Worth his fly whisk. Charles Xthe French king, takes this as an insult to French national pride and orders a naval blockade of Emppire Algerian coast.

When this has little effect, a military expedition is prepared. A French army, landing Ffench Juneeasily overpowers the forces of the dey.

But this success brings France only a small region round Algiers, for the dey himself has long Streaming Sex Free control of his subordinates in the provinces.

The city of Constantine, in the east, holds out against the French for seven years. Meanwhile the invading force is also under threat in the west from the powerful emir of Mascara, Abd-el-Kader. In Abd-el-Kader proclaims a jihador holy war, against the Christian intruders. Not until does he finally surrender. He is Ejpire a safe conduct to a Muslim country. Instead he spends the next five years in French gaols.

With Algeria now under a reasonable degree of control though outbreaks of rebellion continue until the sthe French government sets in place the process of colonization. European settlement is actively encouraged. Half a century later this figure has doubled. In the same period, from to the midth century, the Muslim population also increases greatly, from Fingering Sex million to about 9 million.

As in any Empirr French Empire, the settlers ensure that economic and political power is exclusively theirs. And as elsewhere, the underprivileged majority begins to make itself heard during the 20th century. The early leaders of Algerian nationalism see a solution in integration rather than separation.

Muslim Algerians, they argue, should enjoy equal status with the settlers as French citizens. Ferhat Abbas Milf Cum future president of an independent Algerian parliament writes in 'Algeria is French soil and we are French Muslims.

The so-called French Empire plan proposes that 21, Muslims should immediately have the vote on the same terms as European settlers.


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French Empire

The Confederation was a virtual satellite of the French Empire with Napoleon as its “Protector” and was intended to act as a French Empire state from any future aggression from Austria, Russia, or Prussia against France (a policy that was an heir of the French revolutionary doctrine of .

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French French Empire. France had Cavalry Horse possessions, in various forms, from the beginning of the 17th century until the s. In the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, its global colonial empire was the second largest behind the British Empire. At its peak, between andthe second French colonial empire extended over 12, km².

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